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NACHI - The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors www.nachi.org

 The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) is the world’s largest most elite home inspection association. A non-profit organization with members in all 50 states, all provinces of Canada and 32 other countries, NACHI is the international home of over 9,400 inspectors worldwide.  NACHI's membership increases at the rate of 400 a month. 

 NACHI’s Standards of Practice is now the industry standard. This new version is by far the largest, most comprehensive set of guidelines available to inspectors. Twelve years in the making, and over 20 pages long, this latest revision elevates NACHI's Standards of Practice to the nation's definitive standard for the professional home inspection industry.

 NACHI promotes a high standard of professionalism, business ethics, and inspection procedures with its Code of Ethics. NACHI’s Continuing Education, free hands-on training, free online inspection courses, and free inspection video library all help keep our members the best they can be.

To learn more about NACHI, Please Visit www.nachi.org/about.htm


It is a property inspection to provide an opinion as to the apparent general condition of a building and its make up. The inspection will report on what is visually accessible and non-intrusive. It is a written report that may contain recommendations for further evaluations by professionals with regard to identified problems. It is not intended to be technically exhaustive.

However, it will provide you with the general condition of the property.


· Grounds

. Structure

. Attic

. Exterior

. Roof

. Interior rooms
· Ventilation
· Garage 

· Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
· Electrical
· Bathrooms
· Kitchen & Built-in Appliances
· Plumbing


If the building inspector finds problems in a property, it does not mean you shouldn't buy it. It only means that you will know, in advance, what types of repairs to anticipate. The seller may be willing to make repairs on a significant problem discovered by the inspector.

Can a building "fail" the inspection?

No. A professional inspection is simply an examination on the current condition of your pending purchase. It is not an appraisal or a Building Code inspection. Therefore, there is no "pass" or "fail". The inspection report will simply describe the conditions, and indicate areas that may need repair or replacement.

I do not do add-ons, Mold, Radon,


Inspection fees are based on square footage and extras like crawling under the structure, re-inspections, etc. Also payment is to be made before the inspection,  In order for an inspection to be completed, a signed contract must be made.